Warrantee Service


 New Piano Defects: If you have any problems with your piano, and it is under warranty, be sure to let the technician know before any work is done.  How Warrantees Work: Most manufacturers require authorization for warranty repairs before the work is performed.  Don’t get stuck paying for a repair that is covered by the warranty.  What is Covered? Some types of repair are not covered, and are classified as normal wear and tear.  Tuning, voicing and regulation are not normally covered, unless there is a chronic problem that was apparent when the piano was purchased, or that is deemed a manufacturing defect.  How to Solve the Problem: Open communication with your dealer is essential to proper handling of any problem that may arise.  Your dealer should be the first to know of any defects or problems with your piano.  The technician will be interested in getting the piano fixed, and may not be aware of the need to work with the dealer in this regard.  Always direct the technician to the dealer before work is done, to be sure the proper repair is performed.  Who should do the repair? Often, the technician who works for a dealer of a certain brand that you own, knows the best way to repair problems on that particular brand.  Better to let the expert perform the repair, rather than someone who may be “reinventing the wheel”, trying in vain to solve a problem.  You get what you paid for: Be aware, also, that a less expensive piano may not have had as careful workmanship as a more expensive one.  Don’t expect a “world class” piano at a bargain -basement price.

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