Pre-purchase Inspections


Buying a new or used piano can be a daunting task for anyone, especially when there are so many choices.  Then, there is the question of whether the piano is in good shape.  Or not!

I can help you make the right choices, and guide you through the process of getting just the right piano.  Then, I can check it out for you before you buy it.  Buying an old piano may be a bargain, or it might be a nightmare that could cost you hundreds of dollars.  That “free” or cheap piano may be a money pit.  Beware what might be lurking under the covers.

The first step in purchasing a piano is to decide your budget.  Then, when you actually go looking for a piano, give yourself some leeway for breaking that budget.  You’ll never regret spending a little more, but you might regret spending less.

Next is to hit the local stores and try some out.  You’ll need to decide what sounds good to you.  Bring along an experienced piano player or teacher if you’re not sure.  Try to listen to the overall tone and sound of the piano.  It will sound different in your home than in the store, but you can get a general idea by comparing several pianos side by side.  Does it feel good under your fingers?  Does it feel light, or heavy?  If you think you’ll “get used to it”, then it’s not the one for you.  You will have it for years, so be sure you really love how it feels and sounds.

If you know what you’re looking for, and are ready to find a bargain, maybe on Craigslist, you’ll spend more time driving around, but you will probably save a lot of money.  There are bargains to be had online.  But, be sure to hire an experienced technician to check it out before you buy.  That “bargain” could quickly sour if you discover it has more problems than you were aware of.  With thousands of moving parts, the potential for problems is very real.

Once you’ve found your piano, give me a call or schedule an appointment for an inspection.  It’s money well spent to be sure you really have the piano of your dreams.