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San Diego Piano Tuning, Voicing, Repair and Other Services
San Diego Piano Tuning, Voicing, Repair and Other Services




There are two ways to make an appointment:


The Old Way:

Call me on the phone.  (858) 581-6744.

Most likely I’m tuning a piano or driving, so we’ll play phone tag for a while.  Since my calendar is online, one of us will need to be online too.  So, it’s going to take a while to get an appointment this way.


 The Better Way:

Click on the box at left, “Select Your Zip Code Here”

When you click on your Zip code,  the calendar for your area will appear.  Click on your desired date/time, and fill in the short questionnaire.  That’s it!  I’ll get the information and show up at the appointed time.  Easy Peasy.


Payment Options:

Traditionally, payments are made in cash.  We can also accept checks, Paypal,  and Credit Cards.  Please note there will be a 2.75% surcharge for credit card payments to cover processing fees.

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